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Measuring and addressing culture in a robust way, we help customers reduce risk and learn from failures.


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Leadership commitment

Elevate your leadership through science

Inspire excellence to achieve it

SAYFR leadership commitment

Your leadership behaviors are key. Embrace them.

Machine learning has helped us identify eight primary Leadership Behaviors (LB) that measures culture: Trust, Care, Openness, Learn, Feedback, Speak-up, Teamwork, and Dilemmas.

They represent the core of our psychological approach to cultural change, as well as solid indicators of your current risk level. In short, this is where you as a leader can inspire to make a difference.

Stay within compliance

Stay within compliance

Tackle your responsibilities head on. Keep track of regulations and the procedures necessary to fullfil them.

Influence your employees

Influence your employees

Impact the human element by making sure your strategy is well implemented all the way. 

Win more contracts

Win more contracts

Companies with a well-managed and documented organizational culture are in demand. Become one.

Keep up with operations

Keep up with operations

A tailored dashboard with real-time data benchmarked across your organization and the industry as a whole. Gather data, see them in context and take action. Our software enables you to stay updated on what you need, when you need it.

SAYFR game modules

Evolve your leadership

A digital platform for learning and improving your Leadership Behaviors. Leading by example is elementary when striving to achieve respect among peers. Track your progress towards a better understanding of your organization's security risks.

Instant output

Instant output

Every step towards a more open and responsible onboard culture is a step in the direction of improved safety. The data and feedback we receive from those who have implemented our top-down model speak of more transparency and a reduced risk level overall.

Don’t just take our word for it

Listen to those who are already safer with SAYFR

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The outcome of working with SAYFR was a 'sea change' for PGS Operations and a metamorphosis from a lagging and detail oriented operational culture to a leading, and risk-inquisitive one.

Paul Courtenay, Vice President – PGS Operations aquisition
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We know that we all make mistakes, both on board and ashore. As an organization we accept that as a fact, and believe that being open about our mistakes is a sign of strength. Our failure would be if we did not learn, and improve, from our mistakes.

Lasse Kristoffersen, President and CEO – Torvald Klaveness

Working with SAYFR provided access to a pool of cross industry expertise, experience and insights into safety culture and accident dynamics, also from a technical, as well as a qualitative point of view.

Daria Krivonos, Head of Enterprise Risk Management – A.P Møller – Maersk

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