As we prepared for an internal event this summer and being the most recent hire in the company, I was interviewed by a colleague on why signed up with SAYFR. The interview evolved into an interesting discussion and with the launch of the new webpage and company name we decided to share the essence in a short blogpost.

So, why did I leave an exciting position in a large multinational company to join SAYFR?

It is important. SAYFR exists to turn failures into benefit for everyone. We want to help organizations learn from failures, to improve collaboration and to foster a culture that minimizes the risk of serious incidents and major accidents. When we are successful, there will be less accidents that kill or injure people, destroy the environment, damage property and otherwise wreak havoc. That’s it – the outcome of our efforts fuel the energy we need to put in.

It is challenging, but not mission impossible. To paraphrase Nike: We can do it! SAYFR has generated very valuable data and insights proving the link between culture and risk of accidents. We can really show that by focusing on culture, an organization can make real, measurable improvements in safety. Our results are validated, and clients can testament to the real-life impact. On top of that, we have just launched digital tools that enable us, together with our clients, to deploy our solutions at scale and deliver the outcomes in an efficient way. This is so exciting. We’re a small company and the task ahead of us is massive, nonetheless our team sees a way forward and we are on the move.

Culture, the perfect fit. Even the most exciting journey would quickly fade unless you could share it with the right people. If there is one thing I have learnt from my exposure to a number of industries, geographies and job roles; it all boils down to the people you work with. The team and team culture of SAYFR are just right for the journey we have ahead of us (and we will bring more on board soon…)

Do I ever have doubts? Of course not, I just think of all the major accidents that didn’t happen!