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The SAYFR team

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There's no such thing as a risk too low
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The SAYFR culture


Founded in 2018, SAYFR offers advisory services and a digital solutions platform leveraging data analysis to improve company-wide safety culture, preventing and managing incidents by reducing risk.

At SAYFR, you’ll meet:

  • Advisors and organizational psychologists with 20 years of experience
  • Hands-on customer success team to assist you along the way
  • Talented product team owning and developing your digital solutions
  • Capable analytics team with data scientists and engineers 

All specialize in addressing safety culture to deliver informativemeasurable, impactful, and lasting results.

To ensure success, we strive to deliver according to

Our core values

SAYFR Expertise


We have decades-long experience from working with safety from an organizational perspective. We acknowledge that culture is built from within, and have the ability to facilitate change.

SAYFR innovation version 2


With state-of-the-art technology we challenge you to take on future risks through innovation, and will never stop exploring. Today’s data shapes tomorrow.

SAYFR commitment


We commit to our purpose: A safer world. Our mission comes from the heart, and we never lower our standards by compromising.

SAYFR humanity


We aren’t perfect, and never will be. We believe that a healthy culture comes from humility and transparency. Therefore, we practice what we preach.

We gladly take inspiration from others

Meet our heroes


Mr. Boisjoly's warning

Spoke up prior to the Challenger disaster of 1986, when he predicted the weakness of O-rings in cold weather. He was ignored, and disaster struck.


AB Jones' Watch-Out

Tried to warn superiors that the vessel Exxon Valdez was off-course in 1989. The captain didn't react, resulting in the second-largest oil spill in US history.


Cpt. Blower speaks up

Years before the RORO MS Herald of Free Enterprise went down killing 193 people in 1987, Captain Blower stressed the lack of routines. Nobody listened.

Meet the team

Morten Kristmoen - Co-founder



Torkel Soma - Chief Scientist


Chief Scientist and Co-founder

Didrik Svendsen - CEO and Co-founder


CEO and Co-founder

Caroline Gedde-Dahl - Director Customer Success



Yuzuru Goto - Director



Astrid Gjerdrum - Chief Product Officer


Chief Product Officer

Tan Le - Cloud Engineer



Aina Flønes - Data Engineer



Dario Nardi - Director



Benedikte Wentworth - Chief People Officer


Chief People Officer

Andrea Røsok Chluba- Senior Customer Success Manager

Andrea Røsok Chluba

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Christian Skjelbred - Product Manager

Christian Skjelbred

Product Manager

Erling Kollandsrud Nilsen - GTM Advisor

Erling Kollandsrud Nilsen

GTM Advisor

Kai-Stefan Einvik

Kai-Stefan Einvik

GTM Advisor

Our Board

Lasse Kristoffersen (Chair):

President and CEO of Wallenius Wilhelmsen AS. Kristoffersen has been very visible in the maritime industry over the recent years and a frequent speaker at various high-level conferences and seminars. He was the President of the Norwegian Shipowners Association from 2018 to 2020 and played a major role in developing their new positions and strategies on Decarbonization and Digitization. Kristoffersen holds a Master of Sciences in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In addition, he has completed IMD’s Senior Management Program and INSEAD’s Executive Management Program.


Daria (Dasha) Krivonos:

Dasha is the CEO of The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, a non-profit, independent ad globally-oriented think tank that offers strategic foresight advisory to customers and member organisations, which include Fortune 500 companies within various sectors, governmental institutions, and non- governmental organisations world wide. Prior to heading The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, Dasha held various positions within the A.P. Møller Mærsk - Group, including the position as Head of Enterprise RIsk Management. 


Aslak Sletten:

Domestic and international managerial background from business, NGO, and public sector. Experienced market- and commercial director with hands on experience from innovation and organizational development. Sletten is today Director - Chief Norwegian Armed Forces Communication and advisor to the armed forces' leadership on communication, reputation, and analysis.


Peter Thomsen: 

Peter is the founder of Consignor Group, a technology company that he established in 1997. Seven times Consignor was ranked by Deloitte Fast Fifty list over the fastest growing technology companies in Norway. In 2020, he sold Consignor Group to US PE firm Francisco Partners. Currently, Peter serves as an active board member for several technology companies, where he offers his expertise and knowledge to help guide them towards success. His ability to identify emerging trends and opportunities makes him a valuable asset to any organization.


Erling Nilsen:

Erling is a partner at Corinthian Venture Partners, a venture fund focusing on Nordic B2B technology companies in growth stage having a positive impact on environment and society. Erling has 10+ years of experience with capital markets, due diligence and financing of growth companies, business development and sales. Previous background from Pareto Securities and Innovation Norway.  



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