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Cultiv8 Explained

Cultiv8 is an app used to strengthen safety culture through role playing simulations, quizzes, action cards and digitally supported team sessions. It creates an engaging environment for safe failure based on relevant topics and real-life dilemmas.

The learning objective is to adopt and mature 8 scientifically significant Leadership Behaviors for superior safety performance. Easy access for employees on their smartphones and functional dashboards for management enables scalability, and faster results than traditional cultural improvement approaches – without classroom training.

Cultiv8 Features



  • Role playing simulations
  • Supported team reflections
  • Action cards
  • Mini-surveys
  • Engagement dashboard
  • Benchmarking dashboard

Role playing simulations

Every employee can experience the impact of certain behavior in realistic simulations, and see how it affects cultural outcome. 


Supported team reflections

Facilitate team reflections in a safe, digital room for sharing knowledge and experiences from the simulations.


Action cards

Teams and team members get personalized digital action cards focused on interpersonal collaboration and relationships – tailored to learning from failure.



To retain learning, one must practice it repeatedly. With mini-surveys linked to each Leadership Behavior, the process will be well-anchored within your organization.

Management / HSE professionals

Engagement dashboards

Monitor your organization’s engagement level down to each team. Utilize high score lists to motivate friendly competition and activity.

Management / HSE professionals

Benchmarking dashboards

Use your results to track your organization's cultural maturity progress, and benchmark your performance against the industry.

Cultiv8 Business Case

Using SafeMind, companies can assess their cultural maturity level. We’ve designed Cultiv8 to aid you ascending through the organizational culture levels. Here’s an example of a business case for a traditional shipping company.

Fleet distribution before using Cultiv8


Level 1

Low cultural maturity

Level 2

Mid-low cultural maturity

Level 3

Mid-high cultural maturity

Level 4

High cultural maturity

In the example above, we used data from a listed shipping company.

Fleet distribution after using Cultiv8


Level 1

Low cultural maturity

Level 2

Mid-low cultural maturity

Level 3

Mid-high cultural maturity

Level 4

High cultural maturity
Result: Several hundred thousand USD in savings and an ROI of several hundred percent.

Using Cultiv8, the company has matured by one level across the organization, leading to several hundred thousand USD in savings and an ROI of several hundred percent.

Why? Because enhanced cultural maturity means lower risk, leading to less downtime and fewer incidents.

SAYFR leadership responsibility

Expert consultants

Expert consulting services

We offer expert advisory services related to every aspect of Cultiv8 to assist in formulating and anchoring your company-wide safety culture program. 

 Advice will focus on how to succeed with Safety Culture Program implementation by addressing enablers and inhibitors based on 20 years of experience. Let us know when you're ready to get started!


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