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Under the influence of Culture

In most serious incidents, failures were known in advance, but those involved did not act.

Under the influence of culture, they stayed silent...
Staying silent problems grew larger, avoiding action in critical situations.  Using serious incident data and surveys of 350 000 workers, SAYFR has worked scientifically to develop a way to benchmark and improve culture.

To measure and improve culture SAYFR has developed

Unique science


Culture Benchmarking

Science of Measurement

We have decades-long experience from working with safety from an organizational perspective. We acknowledge that culture is built from within, and have the ability to facilitate change.

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Changing Culture I

Evolve as a leader

All organisational members have a chance to have a positive influence on how colleagues behave or make decisions. Using machine learning across a vast dataset, SAYFR has learnt key behaviours present in teams and organisations delivering superior safety. Hence a strategy for change is to adopt these behaviours by doing what the best do.

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Changing Culture II

Science of Change

Creating cultural change requires a process to learn and unlearn how to behave around failure - both individualy and as part of team. Using a traditional approach to safety, many organisations have unintentioally ended up with counter-culture prolems that moves against this.

Read our article about the next generation of culture change

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The outcome of working with SAYFR was a 'sea change' for PGS Operations and a metamorphosis from a lagging and detail oriented operational culture to a leading, and risk-inquisitive one.

Paul Courtenay, Vice President – PGS Operations acquisition
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We know that we all make mistakes, both on board and ashore. As an organization we accept that as a fact, and believe that being open about our mistakes is a sign of strength. Our failure would be if we did not learn, and improve, from our mistakes.

Lasse Kristoffersen, President and CEO – Torvald Klaveness

Working with SAYFR provided access to a pool of cross-industry expertise, experience and insights into safety culture and accident dynamics, also from a technical, as well as a qualitative point of view.

Daria Krivonos, Head of Enterprise Risk Management – A.P Møller – Maersk

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