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How our customers have achieved improved safety

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How we measure safety improvement through culture

How we measure safety improvement through culture

Measuring the impact of organizational culture on safety requires statisticly valid data. In-depth research reveals that traditional safety measuring hasn’t been working as intended. Our solution consists of:

  • Up-to-date and future-proof research
  • Correlation between cultural maturity and incident frequency
  • An ability to predict where future incidents are likely to occur
  • A significant correlation with insurance claims frequency
  • Benchmarking against the industry’s best practices

Making a difference The SAYFR way

Reduction in serious incidents


Reduction in serious incidents

Reduction in occupational accidents


Reduction in occupational accidents in 6 months

Reduction in technical breakdowns


Reduction in technical breakdowns

Improvement in organizational learning


Improvement in organizational learning

Real people. Real numbers.

Our customers see impact on various aspects of their operations, whether it's in serious accident reduction, more stable operations or lower emissions and leakages. Here's a selection of results some of them have achieved while working with us.

Cargo ship at sea

Who: Shipping Company

Mission: The Shipping Company was entering business in a new demanding market and needed to ensure that they were performing well. Another part of the business was going to be sold off. This allowed for A/B testing of results.

Effect: The parts of the company that worked with SAYFR and the eight Leadership Behaviors (27-48 percentile scores improvement in average) had a significant improvement both in culture maturity and operational performance. The part of the company that was not included in the program had a drop in scores on SLBs (up to 21 percentile scores). 

Chemical tanker

Who: Chemical Tanker Company

Mission: Improve organisational culture both onboard and ashore to improve safety performance. 

Effect: Company had a relatively high frequency of serious incidents in the years prior to kick-off. The serious incident rate dropped by 75% in the following years. 

Seismic ship at sea

Who: Seismic Company

Mission: Build a common culture across departements to improve collaboration and prevent business interruptions. 

Effect: The incident rate improved so much that the client needed to look at other industries to see comparable results. 

Heavy lift ship

Who: Heavy Lift Company

Mission: The company had many serious incidents. This impacted on business continuity and made insurance expensive. The mission was to reduce business interruptions and incidents. 

Effect: The claims frequency and claims amount dropped significantly. The loss ratio dropped 62%

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