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Discover SafeMind, our software for measuring and benchmarking the maturity of your safety culture.


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Culture assessment


Measure and benchmark your safety culture


SafeMind Explained

With 92% correlation between safety culture maturity and accidents, having tools to measure and understand your culture is critical to assess your capacity for being safe. Only when you acknowledge failure can you have hopes of avoiding it. The first step towards understanding your culture is to measure it.

That’s why we built SafeMind.

SafeMind is a must-have for HSEQ and DPA's looking to prepare employees for operations with less fear, incidents, and accidents. Through anonymous pulse surveys, SafeMind enables you to measure your organizational culture’s impact on human factors and safety performance. Dashboards allows you to benchmark your performance against the industry’s best practices and our ever-growing database of 400.000+ employee answers, and quantify reports on safety culture to key stakeholders.

SafeMind Features

Pulse Survey Tool

Get instant and reliable feedback on your organization’s cultural maturity level.

Measurement Frequency

Decide on your frequency of pulse surveys including when to benchmark.

Industry Benchmarking

Benchmark your organization towards segments of or your entire industry.

Digging Deeper

Capture all of your employees’ feedback through more extensive surveys.

Statistical Validity

Explore your results’ impact on your safety culture through our 8 Leadership Behaviors.


Accident Prediction

Identify where future incidents are most likely to occur.

SafeMind Output

Level 1

Low cultural maturity
8x Risk

Level 2

Mid-low cultural maturity
4x Risk

Level 3

Mid-high cultural maturity
2x Risk

Level 4

High cultural maturity
1x Risk

SafeMind Features



  • Culture vs. Risk
  • Business case / Safety ROI
  • Benchmark Basic
  • Benchmark Advanced

Culture vs. Risk

SafeMind allows you to bridge the gap between culture and risk management by monitoring the changes in culture maturity over time. Monitoring each team's progress enables you to identify where incidents are most likely to occur.


Business Case / Safety ROI

SafeMind allows you to create a compelling business case by quantifying the impact of culture improvements, ensuring compliance with industry standards like TMSA, SIRE, and DryBMS – highly relevant to key stakeholders such as customers, top management, investors, board members, and government entities.


Benchmark Basic

SafeMind's dashboard offers a full overview of your organization's safety culture down to each team/segment. Track improvements across the organization and time.


Benchmark Advanced

In addition to basic benchmarking, SafeMind allows you to benchmark your efforts towards the our own ever-growing database of 400.000+ employee answers, in effect comparing your culture towards the entire industry.

SAYFR leadership responsibility

Expert consultants

Expert consulting services

We offer expert advisory services related to every aspect of SafeMind to assist in formulating and anchoring your company-wide safety culture program. 

 Advice will focus on how to succeed with Safety Culture Program implementation by addressing enablers and inhibitors based on 20 years of experience. Let us know when you're ready to get started!


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