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The Future of Safety: How to Adapt in 2023

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The gold standard of achieving safety has changed rapidly over the last few decades. We have compiled a guide of eight trends that will shape safety in 2023 and beyond.

This article is based on our guide ‘8 trends shaping the future of safety’. Want to jump straight into the guide? Access it here.

Organizations evolve over time, and their areas of focus develop accordingly. Science, technology and human development have a direct impact on how we run our businesses and benchmark them towards the world.

To stay compliant, competitive and focused, one simply cannot ignore this development. The only way forward is to embrace and leverage it. At SAYFR we have studied the correlation between culture and safety for decades, and helped organizations adapt to these changes.

Through decades of involving ourselves in cultural development with the goal of increasing the safety of the world, we have made some observations. These observations have resulted in a thorough guide about eight core factors that you as a responsible officer should be aware of.

8 Trends Shaping the Future of Safety

In the full-length guide, you will find helpful action points on these eight trends: 

1. Increased expectations regarding the duty of oversight
2. Less speaking up about sensitive topics
3. Disintegration of the old safety toolbox
4. Building a common culture for managing failures 
5. Addressing cognitive biases for safety
6. Empowering the workforce
7. Use of leadership behaviours
8. Transformations have transformed

In short, the responsibility of top managers increases (1), while there is a greater risk that nobody will speak up about failures, concerns, and problems (2).

In addition, the tools and techniques that have traditionally been used must be replaced and updated (3) and there is also a wave of new topics that need to be addressed (4-8).

Download free guide: 8 trends shaping the future of safety

A New Wave of Knowledge, and the Technology to Leverage it

Combined, these eigh trends form a platform for improved organizational culture on a theoretical and psychological level. Anyone can decide on improved safety, but walking the walk is often more difficult than big talk.

To aid organizations with a lot on the line, whether it is potential harm to human life, the environment or your bottom line, we have developed a software to implement, measure and benchmark your culture’s impact on safety in real-time. Our humble suggestion to anyone looking to increase their safety is this:

Download our guide, read it and leverage the findings. Nothing would make us happier than if our research could contribute to you lowering your organization’s risk.

Anyone can decide on improved safety, but walking the walk is often more difficult than big talk.

If you would like to discuss the content with us or have questions on how to turn the trends into practice – please do not hesitate to contact us.

Download free guide: 8 trends shaping the future of safety

The guide was analyzed and discussed by Richard Clayton in Lloyd's List on January 24th 2023 (subscription required).

Torkel Soma

Torkel Soma

Chief Scientist and co-founder